Christophe Demarthe is a composer and sound designer based in Paris. He began his career as co-founder and singer of Clair Obscur, one of the first bands to have worked, at the dawn of the 80’s in France, on bringing together music, visual arts, dance and theater. From the 90’s onwards, he continued this work at the frontier of sound and visual arts, creating music and sound architecture for theater and dance (Annie Dorsen, Anne Juren, Bruno Lajara, Agata Maszkiewicz, Superamas), visual arts (ABM Studio, Pierre Beloüin, Ludovic Chemarin©, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Bruno Pocheron, Ultralab), film (Canal +, France 2, France 3, Gobelins), radio (Jean Couturier, France Culture) and luxury (Louis Vuitton). In 2004, he created the solo project Cocoon which continues the attempt led by Clair Obscur to displace the frameworks of representation and reception, using the means of electronic music, video, text and performance. The stage set up denotes the immobility characteristic of electronic music concert performances. In 2016, he further diversified his activities by co-founding Acoustic Cameras, an online collection that invites international artists to compose sound pieces for live webcams located all over the world.



Rentre & Sors is a newly created artist collective.

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Christophe Demarthe is supported by the Centre National de la Musique.


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